Want To Marry Rich? Then This Rich Chick Of Instagram From London Might Be Your Mother F’n Dream Girl


    You can decided to marry someone for a few valid reasons — love, lust, U.S. citizenship, because you had a one-night stand and you suck at pulling-out, etc. — but very enticing reason is also MONEY. I didn’t marry for money (SO DON’T JUDGE ME, ASSHOLES) but I can see the value of doing it. I like luxury. I like Kobe beef. I like not working. And I could learn to like the woman and her rich father who are able to provide me with all of those wonderful things. Take 23-year-old Julia Stakhiva of London for example. She is a perfect sugar momma candidate. She is also Rich Kid of Instagram who spends hundreds of thousands of her daddy’s dollars every year like it’s no big deal. Honestly, it sounds like she actually pisses it away on beauty treatments and other bullshit to try and make herself more attractive. Is she exactly Stakhiva type? No. Am I sexually attracted to her? Not particularly. But shit, I could get there. I mean, for a certain life, I could bring myself to love or, at the very least, tolerate her for the person she is. Does that make me a monster? 1000%. But I’m okay with that, because I’ve already married for love and if I am somehow forced to marry again in my lifetime it’s my right to go down a far less noble road. Ok, now you can judge me. While you’re at it, feel free to gawk at some more photos from Stakhiva’s Instagram account.

    Perfect much to my lipstick ?

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    Jet setting in style, no matter where I go ??#love#travel#istanbul#налабутанах#fashion#jetsetter#coolkids

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