US Gymnasts Simone Biles, Aly Raisman and Madison Kocian Spent Some Bikini Time On The Beach In Rio

US Gymnasts Simone Biles

Copacabana ?

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After winning 10 medals between them (6 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze) American gymnasts Simone Biles , 19, Aly Raisman , 22, and Madison Kocian, 19, definitely deserved a little beach down time in Rio . And that’s exactly what the three of them got as they spent Saturday on Rio’s Barra da Tijuca beach rocking bikinis , acting goofy and making everyone who doesn’t exercise enough feel terrible about themselves. I mean, seriously, how many freaking crunches and sit-ups do these ladies do? I feel like a freaking slob of a human being just looking at them. Maybe I’ll have another doughnut to make myself feel better.

Rio beach day ?

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?✨ @madison_kocian

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Totally beautiful toned US gymnasts fun at beach

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Beautiful gymnasts on beach in Rio.

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