Until Proven Otherwise, I Have No Choice But To Believe This Girl Is The Hottest Firefighter On The Planet

Until Proven Otherwise

Many of you have asked me to share more personal info about myself… so here you go: 10 facts about me??? ?Born and raised in Oltedal, a small village outside Stavanger, Norway?? ?Currently located in Asker, Norway?? 3: Height (179cm) 5.8″ ???Weight; don’t know and really don’t care??? ?Work: Full time firefighter, part time EMT, suicide prevention speaker❤️ (love my jobs!!)?Sports: weight training, running and swimming??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ ?Favorite animal: goats and alpacas ? (definitely having my own some day?) ?Idols: Lars Monsen, @skogcecilie @karitraa and @vibekeskofterud (so inspirational??) ?Favorite thing to do: hiking in the Norwegian mountains ? -and spending time with the people I love ?‍?‍?‍??Favorite dish: “pinnekjøtt” -norwegian dish, salty sheepmeet?

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I swear to you, I will try my best to avoid cheesy puns, no matter how easily they present themselves. *DEFEANING SIREN NOISE* WOOO! HEY SMOKEY THE BEAR, COME OVER HERE AND PUT OUT THIS FIRE IN MY PANTS. HEY SMOKEY, I GUESS IT’S TRUE WHAT THEY SAY–SOMETIMES YOU GOTTA FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE! Couldn’t help myself. Sorry. I deserve to be fire -d. Gents, the world’s hottest firefighter has been located. Unless I have visual evidence that proves otherwise, Gunn Narten, takes the title.

Since she was a teenager, the 30-year-old from Norway has dreamed about being a firefighter.

“I decided to become a firefighter when I was 19. I have always loved being active and being part of a team. When I found out you could combine this with a physical job, challenging tasks and doing something good for others, the choice was easy,” Narten told Caters.

Narten, who has a side gig as a personal trainer, says that many men she meets think her choice of profession is cool, but some are scared away. I guess it’s true what they say, if you can’t handle the heat…Jesus Matt, shut the fuck up.

Party with the girls ?? #imwearingadress #onceinabluemoon #blålys #girlsnightout

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The Norwegian beauty recognizes that her job transcends gender norms and urges others to follow the path they’re passionate about, rather than let norms dictate their decisions.

“I have made some uncommon choices in my life and not everyone has been so supportive all the time — but I think one of the most important things in life is to figure out who you want to be and what you want to achieve in your life, and work towards those goals no matter what others might think or say,” Narten said.

Now, picture time.

Enjoying the last rays of sun in a while☀️??

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Enjoying the last rays of summer☀️??

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Shine bright like a ? #carwash ??✨??

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Happy (black) friday!!? ?? @getinspired_no ? #karitraa #getinspired_no #winterwonderland #blackfriday #spons

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