This Hot Russian DJ Got Fired From Her Job In The Russian Government After They Found These Pics Of Her



This Hot Russian DJ Got Fired From Her Job In The Russian Government After They Found These Pics Of Her

After perusing through the various videos and photos circulating of Eleonora Verbitskaya (formerly a bureaucrat at the Administrative Infringements Enforcement Office in Russia) I can say that based on looks alone she is very well suited for her second job. That second job is actually the one that got her fired from her job as a bureaucrat in the Russian government, the second job is the one where she DJs crazy parties wearing nothing but sexy lingerie. Apparently she was sacked from her position working for Comrade Putin and Mother Russia after her boss(es) got wind of videos and pictures showing ‘DJ Ellis Sexton’ in action. Depending on what you deem to be NSFW this video from one of Eleonora Verbitskaya’s performances back in 2013 might be a little too risqué for you, because she’s wearing an almost non-existent top. The music sucks, but it’s not really about the music…is it? She’s also in the process of building herself an Instagram following (only ~7,500 followers so far), so I thought now would be a good time to check out what she’s up to over there:

Before we look at more photos and discuss why she was fired I need to get something off my chest real quick: if we’re being honest here I just can’t see past those eyebrows. They are…< strong>robust. The DailyMail has news of why she was let go (more pics down below):

Eleonora Verbitskaya worked as a bureaucrat at the Administrative Infringements Enforcement Office where bosses took a dim view of a photoshoot she recently completed.
In footage shot outside her daily working hours, Eleonora is videoed during one of her DJ sessions in a barely-there outfit that leaves little to the imagination.
Eleonora, who goes by the stage name DJ Ellis Sexton, had been employed in a junior position at the office in St Petersburg, in north-western Russia, where she said her employers had told her they were happy with her work and that she was also already in line for a promotion at the bureau.
But she turned up for work one day to find a note saying she was fired, which she said came out of the blue and was completely contradictory to the earlier promises of professional advancement.
And when she enquired as to why, she found the note had been passed on to her after her bosses found provocative pictures of her on the Internet taken to promote her DJ career.
Her lawyer Maxim Youshin said she was illegally dismissed for being ‘too sexy.’

Really? You think she was fired for being too sexy? You live in a country where Vladimir Putin hangs out 10 dime piece models on the regular. I wouldn’t be shocked if she was promoted just for being hot. However, it’s not a good lock to be performing nearly naked when you represent some faction of the local government, so I can rationalize the firing. Now for more pics.

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