This Chick Squats 205-Pounds But Whoever Took The Video Wants You To Only Pay Attention To Her Perfect Booty


Lauren Drain Kagan (goes by @laurendrainfit on Instagram) is not stranger to appearing here on CoreBoobs because she has an immaculate rear end and we here at CoreBoobs appreciate that sort of thing.

Lets get bellow parallel ?? Always form over weight! My 1 rep max is 205lbs but I work out with 135-185 for reps. Few tips on how to squat properly: • Feet just outside of your shoulders • Point your toes out a little • Keep elbows pointing down • Chest up or neutral position (don’t lean down) • Grip & push up on the bar on way up • Send your hips back first • Ride the bar down, don’t just drop down • Go to or bellow parallel • Don’t wink your tail bone at the bottom • Keep a neutral head position • Bar should not be on your neck • Push your knees out vs give inward • Keep your knees inline with your feet • Drive through your heels not toes • Use a pad only for high rep counts • I walk out of cage due to depth needed • Learn to fail safely in the cage or out of it In this video I was doing 135-155lbs for 8-10 reps, so you can see me struggle towards the end a bit. Hope some of these tips help you improve your form and get that bar moving ? See my website for more booty building workouts & guides – link in bio @LaurenDrainFitness ••• Leggings by @bombshellsportswear and get 10% off with code Lauren10

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She’s made several appearances in the daily ‘Insta Sexy’ round up of the 50 daily sexiest Instagram photos and videos. Lauren Drain was also featured in a standalone post back in September, a post that paid homage to her almost goddess-like butt . Today she’s thrown up that video showing her max squats of 205-pounds, and I’m fairly certain that whoever filmed that video has similar feelings to us towards Lauren’s onion booty. While I’m sure you could watch that video above on repeat for the rest of the day I figured I’d do you bros a solid and toss in a few other hand picks from her Instagram feed, the best posts from the past several weeks. So let’s get to it…

Missing those Miami Beach Vibes ☀️???

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Fuck the scale ? My personal transformation ?? It hasn’t always been easy but putting in the work & seeing the results has helped push me through those crappy unmotivated days. This helps show that what the scale reads isn’t the determining factor, muscle weighs more by volume than fat. I’m 5’5 at about 135lbs ?? Ladies, do not fear the weights, you won’t get these type of results doing 30 day air squat challenges or walking on the stair master! ? I back squat 210lbs, dead lift close to 200, hip thrust well over 225 and squat jump with 80lbs. If you want to sculpt your body see my guides & programs on my website. Link in my bio @laurendrainfitness – and if you’re going to take someone’s advice or buy their guide, make sure they have a personal transformation of their own ? This is 2013 vs 2015 however the results I attained were done in about half a year – see my previously posted transformations for closer date comparisons! #steroidfree #injectionfree #assimplantfree

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Booty built by squats ? I normally workout with 135-185lbs for reps. My 1 rep max is around 205lbs but I haven’t tested it in months. I generally focus my heavy lifts to be in the 3 rep range with quality form vs 1 reps that have a higher chance of form failure. In this photo I’m doing a wide stance squat (I do go well below parallel – see videos). I like to change things up, wide stance, low back, narrow stance, stop & goes and etc. It’s taken me quite some time to build out my glutes – and still to date my body fluctuates and I have amazing booty days and ones I’m like “ehhh, I should go to the gym and pick heavy things up and put them back down.” Like I always say, Progress not Perfection, your body will always fluctuate, you’ll have great days and crappy bloated or flat ones. I wished I looked stage ready year round but that’s just not maintainable nor is it sane ? Check out the link in my bio for my 3 stage progressive booty building guide ? @laurendrainfitness ••• Photoshoot – I didn’t wear leg jails that day (aka pants) ? This makes for a much more interesting pic ?

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If you’re not already following @laurendrainfit on Instagram it’s time for you to get with the program, bros. As you can see she’s gone some of the finest assets in the game.