Sorry Pam Anderson, But Naked Sara Underwood Is The Best Sexy Lifeguard Of All-Time (20 PICS)

Sorry Pam Anderson

Chasing waterfalls and I DGAF who tells me not to ?? ? by @stevebitanga ? @montce_swim #sahaliefalls #oregon #wildernessculture #waterfall #exploremore #neverstopexploring #getoutside

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We haven’t updated the comings and goings of the heavenly Sara Underwood in OVER a month!?!?! I apologize. But fret not, for we will make up for lost time and Instagram pics of the mesmerizing model. JEEZ! Be careful Sara you’re gonna give me a heart attack!

TLC is full of shit. You should totally go chasing waterfalls especially if the scintillating Sara Underwood is there.

Slippery when wet ? ? by @stevebitanga ? @marygraceswim #wahclellafalls #oregon

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I’d slay dragons to visit Sara’s castle.

No offense to Pam Anderson, widely regarded as the hottest lifeguard thanks to her wonderful appearance on Baywatch , but Sara Underwood is my first choice in person to save me from a drowning.

I noticed you thrashing around, would you like to hold on to my floaties ?? ? by @partylikejzl ? by @emilyhachebeauty

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When I see that the stunning Sara Underwood is the lifeguard I’m going in the water, flailing my arms, and screaming like a little girl. via GIPHY Put this in slow-motion and she’s the next Baywatch lead female.

Having the most amazing time in O’ahu! This is right off my snap chat ? ‘SJUnderwood’, hope you are following along!

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I should buy a Volkswagen.

CONFIRMED: Sara Underwood has nipples.


Even rainy days are incredible when the spectacular Sara is near.

?? in the ☔️ ? by @stevebitanga ? from @saltswimwear

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FACT: That mountain was covered with 12-feet of snow until Sara got there and melted nearly all of it.

You’re welcome.

Trying to get the surfers to notice me ? ? by @dreamstatelive ? by @emilyhachebeauty

A photo posted by Sara Underwood (@saraunderwood) on

Front wedgies! I’m game!

What a beautiful sunset.

A sunny disposition ? ? by @dreamstatelive ? by @emilyhachebeauty ? from @lotusswimwear

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Everyone who has pizza, raise their hands.

#inappropriate #sorrymom ? ? by @stevebitanga ? by @emilyhachebeauty Undies from @caciqueboutique

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What a wonderful wilderness waiting to be explored.

On these trips, we get lost.. all the time! One of the many things being out here has taught me is, to be okay when things aren’t going as planned. Life is supposed to be an adventure. If I spend my time upset that I’m not where I wanted to be, I end up missing all the beauty that is currently happening around me. Learning to live life in the present is one of the greatest gifts traveling has ever taught me. This photo was taken when we hiked the completely wrong trail for the SECOND time that day. We did finally get to our destination, it was later than we planned. But look at what we would have missed if we hadn’t gotten lost. So stop fighting the idea of what you imagine things ought to be, and live happily in the adventure you are in right now ?. ? by @stevebitanga ? by @emilyhachebeauty Bodysuit from @dollskill #wildernessculture #neverstopexploring #getoutside #exploremore

A photo posted by Sara Underwood (@saraunderwood) on

I wonder if this photo of wood was taken in the morning.

And here’s a sneak peek of Sara upcoming calendar which is sure to bring a smile to your face and a roll of quarters in your pants every month.

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