Someone Caught Two Chicks Going To Town On An Old Guy Out In Public On A Hotel Balcony In Broad Daylight


Reportedly filmed on the 60th floor of Chicago’s Waldorf Astoria, the above footage shows an older man receiving, uh…receiving a “present” from the two women he’s with. I would be more specific, however the above footage is heavily censored and it’s a little hard to make out what they’re doing. Maybe sucking rattlesnake poison out of his upper thigh? Checking for ticks? Doing a testicular cancer screening? The possibilities are endless. …However. If you want to see the uncensored video (which we can’t embed here because again, nudity), all you have to do is Google “Old man having fun on his balcony at the Waldorf Astoria liveleak,” and POOF! ‘Tis the first choice, right there for your pervert eyes to witness in all its glory. Not the most arousing choice for porn, but to each their own. Whatever gets the job done, right?