Smoking Hot 33-Year-Old Mom Says Having A Baby Gave Her The ‘Best Body’ She’s Ever Had, Now Has Rock Hard Abs

Smoking Hot 33-Year-Old Mom Says Having A Baby Gave Her The ‘Best Body’ She’s Ever Had

After having her baby 33-year-old Shanna Kangas was steadfast in her determination to slice off that 30.3 BMI, a body mass index rating that classified her as clinically obese. She’s now hotter than ever, with a body most people would kill for, and she’s got the shredded abs and toned legs she set out to achieve all thanks to careful time management, diet, and exercise.

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Shanna Kangas spoke with Caters News Agency about what it took her to go from clinical obesity to a ridiculously hot MILF in just 11 months ( via NYPost ):

The muscle mom wants other mothers to know that having a baby and being a busy parent doesn’t mean they have to let their bodies go.
“It can work for anyone they just need to get creative with ways they work out at home – people don’t need to go to the gym for a lot of exercise,” Kangas said.
Kangas credits her chiseled figure to a healthy diet — and using her time wisely.
Whenever Gunnar would nap, Kangas would use the spare moments to sculpt her body instead of sleeping with the little boy.
“I’d strap him into the baby wrap and we’d go for a walk or if I was outside I’d lay him on a blanket on the grass next to me,” Kangas said.
Kangas also swapped out her favorite unhealthy foods like cookies and waffles for lean meats and plenty of greens.
“Now, I’m still training and living a healthy life. Next year I’m going to start competing again, but right now I’m enjoying the time with my family,” the strong mother said.

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It’s pretty amazing what you can achieve if you just set goals for yourself. Shanna Kangas wanted to drop her pregnancy weight and shed her obesity classification. She achieved her goals by following a well thought out regimen of diet and exercise. She didn’t perform any voodoo, she just recognized that hard work needed to be done if she wanted to see results and she put in the sweat hours. Now she’s a smoking hot MILF and I could get lost on her Instagram page for days:

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For more on Shanna Kangas’ story you can head over to her interview on the New York Post and/or check out her Instagram Page HERE (or by clicking through on any of the images above).

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