Seriously, How Is It Possible For Christie Brinkley To Be This Hot At 62-Years-Old?


Former SI Swimsuit cover model Christie Brinkley turned 62 in February. 62! How?! My brain simply cannot reconcile this fact. At this rate, if one of her kids ever has kids, she is on her way to becoming my first GILF. I don’t know if she’s single, but if she is I would like to throw my hat into the ring for a little Ashton Kutcher-Demi Moore style romance action if she’d be down for it. Because damn, this just ain’t right. Oh shit, I just looked and I think that she might actually be single. Time to make my move.

Bellissima Prosecco Corks will be popping Saturday night to celebrate the great team effort that put me on this cover. PS not to sound like an ad but my Recapture 360 @brinkleybeauty kept me from burning and my make up from melting on the hot humid NYC rooftop where we shot this story. Thank you @sociallifemag #sociallifemagazine @stbarthhampton #stbarthhampton For the flattering light my gratitude goes to our talented Photograper @GianAndreaDStefano thanks @sandylinter for your artistry and talent and @mitchbarry for giving fierce hair despite the heat and humidity. @erykaclayton thank you for the classy threads and @devorahrose thank you for making it all possible! @bellissimaprosecco my big Bellissima dream is that our Prosecco becomes synonymous with people’s beautiful moments that we become part of their JOY! Cheers! ??????????? and hoping all my friends like all of you have many happy reasons to celebrate!

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#stbarthhamptons July 23, thank you #christiebrinkley and all our guests and sponsors.

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Reminder, THIS is what she’s looked like in a bikini since she turned 60, bros…

This place is a great Dive!

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? Heaven?I’m in Heaven ?

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Having Fun in the Sun with our Birthday Girl Alexa Ray!?Happy Birthday @alexarayjoel ???????????????????????

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Totally would.

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