Serena Williams Gave A Tutorial On Twerking And After Watching, We Forgive Her For Being A Year Late On The Trend

Serena Williams Gave A Tutorial On Twerking And After Watching

Every bro in America has, at one point, been watching a Serena Williams match on TV when their buddy has turns to them and presents this question: ‘Would you?’ If you’re like me, you answer with a resounding ‘YES!’ to which my buddy almost always calls into question my sexuality. He typically defends his stance by spewing nonsense like ‘She’s got bigger traps than Mr. T!’ That’s the talk of a child. One whose insecurity blinds his ability to appreciate such a majestic woman. Is she more muscular that most DI male athletes? Ya. Do I have the physical tools to defend myself if she attacked me? Not a snowballs chance in hell. But by the end of the experience, I’m confident my hog would get worked out harder than it did after the Fappening leaked. And I’d be a stronger, better man for it. And if you still got that childlike mindset, maybe some visuals will help convert you.  

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