Remember That Sexy AF Video Of Abigail Ratchford Dripping In-N-Out Food All Over Herself? In-N-Out Is NOT Happy


This isn’t some trashy Carl’s Jr ad with Charlotte McKinney we’re talking about here – this is In-N-Out. They’ve got standards. Not just food quality standards, but the company founders have strong Christian beliefs and WHO WOULDA THUNK IT, but shit like this… …doesn’t really align with Godliness. And while it’s clear to me that Abigail was just trying to schmooze her way into a commercial with them , the whole plot has backfired as In-N-Out is now reportedly threatening to sue:

In-N-Out lawyers have also sent a letter to the model’s producer, LiveRich Media, after the company received a series of complaints from customers, reported TMZ.

The company is allegedly frustrated that the video shows Ratchford, who boasts a staggering four million Instagram followers, in ‘various sexually suggestive acts with In-N-Out Burger food.’

The paper also reported that In-N-Out said it will likely file a lawsuit if its demand is not met and the video is not taken down.(via)

Although Ratchford’s video really just amounts to free advertising, In-N-Out is reportedly concerned that “customers may assume the firm is connected with the model.” In which case, yeah, I’d be pretty pissed too if some D-lister took my Christian company’s food and flopped her big ol’ floppies in my milkshake. Good milkshakes have oreo, ice cream and milk and them — not a trace of Ratchford in sight.