Penn State Babe Zoë Pugh Will Be Taking Over The BroBible Snapchat Tomorrow, So Let’s Get To Know Her

Penn State Babe Zoë Pugh Will Be Taking Over The BroBible Snapchat Tomorrow

Penn State Babe Zoë Pugh Will Be Taking Over The BroBible Snapchat Tomorrow, So Let’s Get To Know Her

Last year we told you about about Zoë Pugh , a Penn State babe who was blowing up on Instagram. Zoe keeps it mad real, as does her photographer  John Kaminski , so we invited her to take over CoreBoobs’s Snapchat tomorrow all day long. Follow along tomorrow on @brobible Snapchat… Zoe’s Snapchat is Zoemp15 . In the meantime, we thought you guys should get to know her a little better. So we had her fill out some questions….. Name:  Zoë Pugh Age/Year In School:  20, Junior How would you describe Penn State in one word? Lit What’s your average night out like in State College? First, we get ready. Can’t go out in State College where you’re surrounded by dimes looking like a loose 4 so there’s plenty of contouring that goes down. Luckily, all my best friends are in a sorority so I go to their socials from there, which then leads to the party afterwards at whatever frat they’re scheduled with. Frat parties are essentially a big fuzzy blur of flashing lights and dancing on elevated surfaces, two things I’ll sorely miss when I’m washed up next year and am forced into the bar scene against my will. After the party, assuming there’s no late night, I stumble home with my friends where we usually end up eating pizza on the floor. The conversation from there is like, “wait how the hell did we get to SAE? Has anyone seen Lily?” But if there IS late night, we’re probably at Dchi sweaty and with some unidentified liquor stains on our crop tops dancing to “Shipping Up to Boston”. The thing to eat at Penn State is: I’m obsessed with this place Irving’s. It’s a little place with breakfast and lunch foods and the BESSSSST smoothies ever. They’re unreal. I usually get a southwestern breakfast wrap and a Laguna Peach smoothie to cure my hangover. I’m also partial to Wings Over, because wings are bomb and I’m a man. Sometimes when I’m in the middle of eating their wings I stop and think to myself, “I can’t believe anyone on this planet has ever been attracted to such a feral human, consider napkins and maybe an etiquette class”. What movie best describes what you want your career to be like after college? The Wolf of Wall Street , except I’d be Margot Robbie who plays Leonardo DiCaprio’s second wife, Naomi. She was a model, and that parlayed into other business ventures like the design of her own lingerie line.   That’s definitely a dream of mine. I’d like to have the freedom to explore new and exciting opportunities, and modeling definitely opens doors to that while still allowing you to have a personal life, which is important to me because my ultimate goal is to be a mother. Lingerie design would be especially rewarding because you’re creating something that makes women feel beautiful and confident, and that’s absolutely something I’d want my name on. Dream job? I’m currently a psychology major at Penn State, and my dream is to become a sex therapist. I used to be a Physician Assistant major where I was pursuing a career as a gynecology PA, but we all know God laughs when you make a plan and I had to switch majors. Looking into myself, I realized I still wanted the same thing- to help women and to do something good for people. I’ve always been interested in both psychology and sexual health, watching TED talks about sexual attraction and love in my spare time and frequenting the pages of Cosmopolitan for as long as I can remember. When I had to come up with a plan of action after switching majors, it seemed like what I really should have been doing from the beginning. And of course, the nature of the job is just fun. Who doesn’t like talking about sex? We all talk about it, and we all talk about it frequently. It’s fun, and it’s nice that I get to incorporate that with doing something meaningful, like helping someone through problems in their marriage. Favorite thing to binge watch on Netflix on a rainy day? See, Netflix is pretty much the worst. You spend the whole time looking for a show, only to realize it all sucks and life sucks and bees are dying globally at an alarming rate. HBO Go is the move, and I binge watch the show Girls like it’s nobody’s business. 10/10, would recommend. The characters are all so relatable and real, and it’s absolutely hilarious. Not in the outwardly stupid funny way, but in a way that’s like, yep I’ve been there and I know how painfully awkward this all is and I’m happy I’m not alone. How do you define what it means to be a Bro?  A bro to me is someone that’s just cool. You know the type of person I’m talking about..the type of person who brings beer to the party and not only shares but wants to shotgun with you. They’re well-liked by everyone because they’re confident, fun, and can get along with all different types of people. You could drop a bro off somewhere with people they’ve never met and by the end of the night, they’ll be friends with everyone and have the hottest girl in the party going home with them. They’re pretty much the person everyone wants to be. I always find myself attracted to this kind of guy, but girls can also be bros. I’ve been called one of the guys so many times, and at first it’s like, wait are you saying I’m masculine? Is it because my voice is so deep? But really, it’s a compliment. Girl bros are cool because they’re hard to come by. A lot of girls are super stuck up and bitchy, but a girl bro will help the puking girl in the bathroom by holding her hair back and fixing her makeup after without judgement and can drink beers with a room full of dudes and not seem like an outcast. Biggest Bro in Sports?  Gonna have to give it to Gronk. This was obvious, though, wasn’t it? Every picture of Rob Gronkowski contains copious amounts of liquor, and if it’s not liquor, it’s pornstars. He’s like the quintessential frat boy…no regard for personal safety, can often be found dancing like an animal, and parties like it’s his job. Best of all is that he gives not one fuck about what people think, and I respect that.   If you’re reading this, hit me up fam. Biggest Bro in Hollywood?  This is so hard to answer. I’m torn between Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo DiCaprio, but the biggest bro has to be Leo. He’s always surrounded by supermodels on a yacht somewhere, slammin’ back bottles of champagne that cost more than my tuition, steady rockin’ the dad bod the whole time and literally EVERYONE loves him. (Except for the Academy, but the past is the past.) He’s such a man’s man and arguably the best actor of our time, and let’s face it, if you can lay naked in the body cavity of a dead horse you deserve the title of Biggest Bro in Hollywood. What’s the best Tinder icebreaker you’ve ever received?  I’m not on Tinder! I think it’s super creepy and should be shut down by the CDC because it’s basically a breeding ground for herpes. I’m not judging you if you’re on Tinder, I’m just saying maybe you’re a lesser person…kiddddding. No judgement, I’m just not really into online dating. I think it’s creepy and an inaccurate representation of how people are in real life, and maybe I watched too many Dateline specials growing up but I think meeting people online is too dangerous. Also, pickup lines creep me out. Don’t talk to us like we’re objects, guys! Just introduce yourselves. If you wanna throw in there that you think I’m cute, I won’t hate it. Just be real and genuine with me. What’s the first thing you want a Bro to do when you bring him home to meet Mom?  Anyone who knows my mother is aware of the fact that she is the epitome of the crazy dog lady. She had oil paintings of them done and they are currently adorning my living room wall, and she even printed out fake service animal cards so she can bring them when she goes shopping. That being said, pet and compliment my pets as soon as you see them. You can pretty much light me on fire from that point and she’d be like, “Wow Zoë, I really like that boy, he’s SO sweet”. Be outgoing, also. I come from a family of big personalities, so if you’re getting into the conversation and being yourself, you’ll fit right in. Dream date?  I’ve never been into super lavish dates. Honestly, I feel uncomfortable on dates. My thought process is like, “oh no he’s spending so much money on me and I feel bad so I guess I’ll order this salad because it’s cheap, but salads suck, and now I’m afraid I’m going to have a wad of lettuce stuck in my teeth and nobody wants to kiss lettuce tooth girl”. Don’t even get me started on when the check comes. I’m having heart palpitations just thinking about that dreaded moment. Dates are awkward enough as it is without adding more pressure on either of you. Maybe that’s just my neurotic thought process, though, but realistically, I’d prefer something lowkey as opposed to the typical “dream date”. I really think it’s easier to get to know someone in a relaxed environment, and at the end of the day, that’s what dates are about. I do love food so I’m all about getting takeout and just hanging out, talking, and watching movies. I’m a huge movie buff and I think a person’s movie choice says a lot about them, so I like when the guy picks so I can get a feel for what they’re into. That being said, when I do pick, the choice is always between The Departed, Blow, and Good Will Hunting for reasons that I shouldn’t even have to explain. I feel like I just described a glorified version of Netflix and chill but make of that what you will…also never underestimate the power of the goodnight kiss and follow up text. Girls like knowing you’re thinking about them, and if you’re texting me it alleviates the stress of me wondering whether or not you had fun or if I’m just an awkward mess that’s going to die alone with eleven French Bulldogs. Follow along tomorrow here…  

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