Olivia Wilde Got Fully Naked On HBO’s ‘Vinyl’ Last Night And The Internet’s Reaction Is Great



Olivia Wilde Got Fully Naked On HBO’s ‘Vinyl’ Last Night And The Internet’s Reaction Is Great

PSA: Vinyl , HBO’s show by Martin Scorsese about New York City’s gritty rock ‘n roll glory days, just aired its sixth episode last night. If you haven’t been following along, here’s a TLDR to save you seven-some hours of TV viewing: Olivia Wilde a.k.a. Bobby Cannavale’s muse/wife Devon Finestra gets naked in episode six.  We’re not just talking any sort of naked: We’re talking full-frontal, true-to-era ’70s bush naked. It’s a pleasant reminder why you’ve been paying for HBO all the months Game Of Thrones has been off the air. Premium cable with Olivia Wilde nude scenes are a wonderful thing, baby. I don’t want to spoil any of the show, but I’ve really enjoyed  Vinyl  so far. It’s worth the watch if you love rock history and the so-called “golden age” of record industry ego and excess. In addition to a kick ass soundtrack, the show easily sets a record for most lines of cocaine zooted up a main character’s nose. Last night  Vinyl fans reacted predictably to Olivia Wilde’s nude scene, even though it’s far from the first time she’s gotten naked on camera ( Deadfall , Third Person , Alpha Dogs , Drinking Buddies , Cowboys and Aliens , and The Change Up all feature Ms. Wilde in various stages of undress). Hell, it’s not even Olivia Wilde’s first nude scene on the show — She and Bobby Cannavale get pretty steamy in one of the show’s first episode. There’s only one conclusion…  Jason Sudeikis is a lucky guy . UPDATE: It’s come to our attention that Olivia Wilde was wearing a merkin — a pubic wig — of said bush-filled nude scene. She talked about it on Howard Stern last week :

It’s the ’70s, so she’ll also be wearing a merkin. You know, one of those pubic wigs that make the wearer look like they’ve got a big old bush.

Howard wondered whether that meant Olivia was normally clean and hairless down there.

“I’m pretty clean,” she admitted.”

Howard also wondered what the merkin was like.

You feel “less naked,” Olivia explained. “You’re wearing a little fur bikini. … I was walking around to the whole crew going, ‘look at this!’”

Jason Sudeikis is still a lucky guy .