Obese Woman With A 39.5 BMI Drops Over 100 Pounds To Become Fitness Bikini Model Competitor

Obese Woman With A 39.5 BMI Drops Over 100 Pounds To Become Fitness Bikini Model Competitor

? Transformation Tuesday ? I look at photos ? of myself sometimes to stay motivated ?. I hope never to go back to 230lbs but right now I’m also not 130lbs like the right photo. ? I’ve learned not to live my life by the number on the scale ⚖ because life is about balance. I’m definitely still very active and plan to stay that way – diet will always be my struggle ???? but even that is getting better over time. ✔️stay motivated ✔️stay positive ✔️stay inspired #chiefinspirationalofficer #transformationtuesday #leanaestheticslifestyle #leanaesthetics #bodybuilding #motivation #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgirls #fitnessgoals #iloveblue #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney

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At her heaviest, 30-year-old Donna Gillie weighed 230 pounds, and with her height only measuring in at 5’4” that meant that her BMI landed deep into the “Obese” category (anything over 30 is considered “obese,” whereas anything between 25 and 29.9 is simply “overweight”). In an interview with Daily Mail , Donna admits that she was a dedicated overeater when she was younger, with her main “trigger foods” being sweets. It wasn’t until at age 22 that Donna realized she needed a change. “I remember sitting at my desk at work” she recalls, “…and feeling very uncomfortable, and at about 230lb and 5ft 4ins it’s no wonder that was the case.” Over the next two years Donna managed to lose 70 pounds in the gym on her own without the help of surgery, however once she began to plateau she realized it was time to change her eating habits as well.

‘I began with small steps, I didn’t actually change the way I ate until fairly far into my fitness journey.

‘I guess you could say I hit a plateau – so I started to change the way I ate.

‘I watched my portions and ate more fruits and veggies, less packaged food more whole food.’(via)

Upon finally reaching a healthy weight resting at 115 pounds (and a BMI of 19.7 to boot), Donna hired a coach to help her tone up and weight train for her first fitness bikini competition in 2014. Just one year later she competed in her second competition, the East Coast Classic 2015.

‘Losing weight has changed my life in only positive ways.

‘So many people have come up to me and said I made them want to make a change and they ask for advice.

‘I always tell them my path and to keep a positive mindset because that alone can work wonders.

‘The fitness community is often thought of as very superficial but to be honest it a great support system and social atmosphere.

‘Since losing my weight I feel better physically and mentally.’(via)

Rather than letting a taste of success satiate her, Donna is currently getting into shape for her third bikini competition this upcoming December. Judging from her Instagram, it looks like she’ll rock the stage come winter:

?Transformation Tuesday✔️ The left picture was taken in 2008 when my friend Deanna came home for a visit from out west. It was 4 years after high school ✍graduation and ✌ 2 years after college graduation. I was roughly 230lbs and not feeling the greatest about myself ?. Shortly after this I got a gym membership at the Dartmouth Sportsplex and started working out again. I had managed to loose about 30lbs a few years before this, but ended up gaining it back – I knew the 2nd time around I was going to do better ?. ? Fast forward to the right photo taken by Wayne Forrest last year after my 2nd time competing and I reached an amazing goal. No – I didn’t win any ? prizes, trophies ? or placement ? at the show, but I had so much pride in my accomplishment of feeling good about myself and how ? hard I worked to get there. I was down ⬇️115lbs total! I’m excited to compete again in the future ?. To all you ?ladies and gents ? who are prepping for your shows now – keep pushing, it’s totally worth it. Take all the selfies ? and progress pictures you can ? – because you all look fantastic. ? Visit www.leanaesthetics.com if you are interested in a body transformation program or for contest prep details. #chiefinspirationalofficer #leanaesthetics #leanaestheticslifestyle #transformationtuesday #weightlossjourney #weightloss #weightlifting #bikiniprep #contestprep #wayneforrestphotography

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? Transformation Tuesday ? Maintaining weight loss once you get to your goal can be hard sometimes. It’s good to look back at where you started to stay motivated ?✔️. I’ve been maintaining ☑️ for about 5 years – I can’t tell you how much I wished I’d lost the weight sooner. I was over weight between the age of 12 until into my early 20’s. I’m turning 30 in March and I’m proud of how far I’ve come! I’m excited ? for new goals to be met. I feel ? a million times better and I’m far more comfortable in my own skin. If you are looking to transform your body this year visit ?www.leanaesthetics.com and check out our body transformation packages. #ChiefInspirationalOfficer #leanaesthetics_lifestyle #maintaingoodhealth #maintainingweightloss #transformationtuesday #offseasontraining #offseasongoals #gymlifestyle #gymgoals2016 #weightlossjourney #weightlossmotivation

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Motivation Monday ?✔️ So sometimes even the CIO (Chief Inspirational Officer ?) needs to be inspired and motivated. Just had a coaching call ? with @iammatthewfox and it’s time for a mini-cut to help me regain so focus ?. Offseason has been hard for me to wrap my head around – your mind can play tricks on you after competing?/dieting? sometimes and it’s easy to go overboard and lose sight ? of goals ✍ you set for yourself. So cheers ? to my mini-cut Monday. ? my coach – if you need one shoot him a message ?team@leanaesthetics.com #ChiefInspirationalOfficer #leanaesthetics_lifestyle #motivationmonday #motivation #gymlife #wayneaforrestphotography #sexy #lechateauboots #victoriasecretlingerie #vickimartinmakeup #minicutmonday #offseasontraining #offseasongoals #wayneforrestphotography

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?Transformation Tuesday? ? The left photo ? was taken 2010 I was 23 years old and approximately 230lbs – my heaviest. I wasn’t completely unhappy but I always knew I could look and feel better – I just needed to learn how. I knew when I started my journey it would take ⌛️ time and many changes to my diet ? and activity level. Fast forward to 2016 on the right at 115lbs – I can’t express how much more alive ? I feel everyday because I decided to change ❤️?. It didn’t happen overnight ? but I’ve slowly made progress every year since I started ?. Thanks again to Wayne A Forrest for the lovely fitness photo ?? and Vicki Martin for the beautiful makeup?. If you’ve been thinking about making a change ? me at: donna@leanaesthetics.com @iammatthewfox @iamprincessfox @macdonmd are all amazing coaches for not only contest prep but also body transformations! ?✔️ #chiefinspirationalofficer #leanaesthetics_lifestyle #transformationtuesday #onlinecoaching #bodytransformation #wayneaforrestphotography #vickimartinmakeup

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