Mel B, Aka ‘Scary Spice’, Shared A Cleavage Pic From The Gym And I Had No Idea She’s Still This Crazy Hot

Mel B

Workout in my home gym finished boom see you all tonight live for @nbcagt #nofilterneeded

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Mel B has been a celebrity for the overwhelming majority of her life, first getting famous back in the 90’s as Scary Spice with The Spice Girls. These days she’s a judge on America’s Got Talent , one of the most watched TV shows of the Summer, so she’s still very much in the limelight. I’m going to be honest with you, bros, I never watch America’s Got Talent , I’ve seen maybe 15 minutes of the show in my entire lifetime, so I really had no idea that Mel B was keeping it so tight until I saw this pic circulating on social media. She’s got the body of a 21-year-old chick who spends all of her time in the gym, and that’s pretty fucking remarkable for a 41-year-old woman:

The face you pull after you kicked your OWN butt in the gym boom #nofilterneeded

A photo posted by Mel B (@officialmelb) on

1hr Workout done and done 650 cal burned boom messy hair don’t care #nofilterneeded

A photo posted by Mel B (@officialmelb) on

The way he makes me feel @stephenthinks11 like the only girl in the world #respectisnumberone

A photo posted by Mel B (@officialmelb) on

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