Lindsay Lohan Reveals To Her Dad She Really Is Pregnant, Already Pictures Of Her Ripping Heaters Hit The Web

Lindsay Lohan Reveals To Her Dad She Really Is Pregnant

Well. This has been some week. On Saturday, Lindsay Lohan tweeted a picture of her when she played a pregnant character in the movie Labor Pains , fueling rumors that she and her fiancé were expecting. Then that relationship went to shit . Today, her father spoke with US Weekly , saying her daughter was indeed carrying a child.

“She’s saying she is, so I believe her,” Michael, 56, told Us on Tuesday, July 26. “She told me that she was.”

Word. Her fiancé, Egor Tarabasov, was recently spotted moving out of her apartment, however.

According to Michael, it’s too soon to tell if the pair will reconcile. “Let them work through it.… I want Lindsay to be happy. That’s all,” he tells Us. “Of course [Dina Lohan and I] are going to be there for her in any way we can. Anything.”

Meanwhile, paparazzi already spotted LiLo crushing a stick.

#lindsaylohan’s father is going #ham on #egor (Lindsay ex- fiance). Word is after the brake up Lindsay told Egor to move out of her #apartment and he did just that . The only problem is he allegedly took what wasn’t his on the way out . #Lindsay says he took a #marilynmonroe #painting but According to her dad’s text messages to Egor took more than just a painting . We’re talking jewelry ? . Read the text messages . Her dad seems to be making it very clear that he is about that life . But ummm can he also tell his daughter not to smoke while being pregnant . I mean while he’s on a mission to make the world right again ? #wedding #engagement #ring #actress #hollywood #fight #celebritynews #celebrity #redhead #kimkardasian #kylie

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Ehhh. She’s been in Greece. Everyone in Greece smokes when they’re pregnant. Either way, congrats!

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