Katharine McPhee Was Just CRUSHING It In A Bikini On Miami Beach Over The Weekend


Katharine McPhee is one of those sneaky hot celebrities that I often forget about. Mostly it’s because I haven’t seen her in anything since she was the runner up on American Idol back in the day. I know she’s pretty much been on one TV show or another since then, what with Smash and her new show that’s on right now, Scorpion . I just haven’t watched either one of them. Also, I guess I didn’t realize that Katharine McPhee is 32-years-old now. I guess it has been about 11 years since she was on American Idol , which I find amazing. Damn, time flies. I must say, based on these pics from over the weekend, now at 32, she is looking better than ever, don’t you think?

Photo fail… good one Munge! @mattwalkerperiod #miamibeach #miami

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#katharinemcphee in #miami

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@katharinemcphee kicking it poolside in Miami this weekend with @oceandrivemag

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This next pic wasn’t from her beach getaway, but I just saw it on her Instagram and thought you might like it too.