Kate Hudson Is On Vacation And Is That A Thong Bikini She’s Wearing? Because Damn…


Time and time again I have said that Kate Hudson is number one on my MILFs list. I literally would do just about anything just for one date with her. Not only is she frakking hot , she seems like one of the most fun women to do stuff with like watch football , hang out drinking bad beer on a boat , showing off her bare ass on Instagram , climbing rocks in a thong. Oh yeah, I said climbing rocks in a thong because either she’s wearing a thong or her incredibly tight booty has went and swallowed up her bikini bottoms. Both of which are certainly A-OK in my book.

Looks like #KateHudson is keeping busy by climbing rocks in a thong bikini 📷: Splash News

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She can also do this…

Is it too late to add #KateHudson to the U.S. gymnastics team?! | #regram: @katehudson

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I seriously want to marry this woman.