Kaley Cuoco Wearing Nothing But A Sexy Sports Bra Is An Excellent Way To Promote A TV Show


THIS WEEK: #BigBangTheory star Kaley Cuoco takes on @joshgad! Thursday 10/9c #LipSyncBattle

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Kaley Cuoco is just awesome. She’s gorgeous. She’s funny. She’s super proud of her fake boobs . What’s not to like about her? Seriously, if you can find something to dislike about her you’re just not someone I want to know. Now this week she’s all set to appear on Lip Sync Battle (yes, I guess it’s still on the air) against Josh Gad and to promote her appearance they naturally shared a HOT photo of Kaley rocking nothing but a sexy sports bra. Genius. No wonder this show is still on the air. Bonus Kaley pics because if you’re like me you just can’t get enough of her (especially in a sports bra).

golden globes.

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I still think this next photo is the best magazine cover I have seen in years. NEVER get tired of looking at it.

?SHAPE magazine cover?

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