Jessica Simpson Looks Like Every Bro’s Dream Girl In Her Latest Sexy Photo Shoot


Jessica Simpson , who we recently reported to you with great relief has decided against having any kind of breast reduction , also did a sexy photo shoot that went along with that statement. You see, when magazines like Women’s Health do these sorts of interviews they like to also take sexy pictures and videos of the women they are interviewing. Why are so many sexy pictures like these found in women’s magazines these days? It’s one of life’s mysteries I have yet to unravel. Frankly, it seems to me that there are more sexy pictures of women in women’s magazines than there are in men’s magazines these days. Which is fine I guess. It just means bros need someone to seek these pictures and videos out for them, which is what I am here to do for you today.

Well hello, @womenshealthmag! #September #TheWarmUp

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#JessicaSimpson has learned to love her body. Go to to see how her family helped her make peace. (📷: Women’s Health Magazine)

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Oh, and I just threw this in here because damn, remember this movie scene?

queeeeeen #jessicasimpson

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