Jennette McCurdy Shared Some New Photos Of Herself In A Bikini Because She’s Cool Like That


Jennette McCurdy has always been one of our favorite TV stars. She was a badass on her Nickelodeon shows playing Sam Puckett on both iCarly and Sam & Cat and she’s a badass in real life now. (Speaking of which, who would have ever guessed Ariana Grande would go on to be such a big star though? She wasn’t even the main star of Victorious .) McCurdy in real life seems to be pretty much like the characters she’s played. No nonsense with a wicked sense of humor . Remember her “I am not a role model” Reddit post in response to a sexy photo of hers being criticized in which she captioned it with the hashtags #datass, #fapfapfap, #eww, and #boysaregross? Yeah, good times. Basically what I am saying is that she’s really cool and seems like she’d be a fun hang. Oh yeah, she also looks great in a bikini . That too.

suns out buns out

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She’s also not too hard on the eyes when she’s fully-clothed either. Well, kind of, for the most part, full-clothed…

still got that hairtie on the wrist tho

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Here’s to hoping her Netflix show Between gets renewed for a third season.