HOT Sports Reporter ‘Accidentally’ Lifts Up Her Dress And Exposes Her Panties During TV Show


I’ve never heard of Alina Moine before in my life until today. Not that I should know of her because she is a Fox Sports reporter in Argentina and mi espanol is muy, muy mal. However, the alluring Alina thrusted herself into the international spotlight with one accidental and seductive move. While on a television program discussing the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, Alina accidentally lifted up her dress and exposed her panties to the viewing audience and subsequently everyone who watches this YouTube video. Her dress seems to get caught on her fingers, possibly from her grabbing it, and she showed off her knickers. Bravo Miss Moine, exquisite self-promotion. The other odd coincidence is that the TV show was prerecorded and the wardrobe malfunction could have easily been edited out. Hey producers of that TV show, exquisite marketing. The Argentinian Alina is no stranger to showing off her underwear, she was a lingerie model.

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A photo posted by Alina Moine (@alinamoine09) on

A photo posted by Alina Moine (@alinamoine09) on

It must be nice to have an “oopsie” moment and get the world to notice you.