Golfer Michelle Wie In A Bikini Swimming With Sharks And A Model? Sure Why Not?


Underwater fun ?????????

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You guys still remember who Michelle Wie is, right? She’s that golfer who was so awesome as a teenager we thought she might be the female Tiger Woods. Turns out she isn’t the female Tiger Woods when it comes to golf, but she is still really attractive. ( Even as a blonde! ) Turns out that she’s even more attractive when she’s wearing a bikini and swimming with sharks alongside her model friend Meg Akim. Go figure. And she even took a video. How nice of her.

Since I know not a single thing about Michelle Wie’s friend Meg how about we take a little gander at her Instagram account? She is a model after all.

Seaside sunset scrub #zenziva #chocolatescrub @zenziva

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Chasing sunsets ? #forever21swim #ReviveYourGlow #ZenzivaScrub #liveluxuriously PC: @themichellewie

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Hmmm… she’s a pretty good model. I hope she and Wie hang together in bikinis more often. H/T The Big Lead