Girlfriend Goes NUTS After Seeing Geeky Boyfriend Cheat On Her With Kim Kardashian Lookalike


Listen. I have no idea if these “To Catch a Cheater” videos are real or fake. But the reality TV shows you watch are fake. They’re all scripted. So I don’t take these videos too seriously and I just enjoy them for what they are: silly YouTube videos where someone’s relationship could be ruined at any second. The video with the plumber getting hit on by some busty hot chick was entertaining as was the girl who appeared as though she was going to get pregnant from her personal trainer . In the latest “To Catch a Cheater” episode, things don’t turn out so rosy for a girlfriend who suspects her man will cheat on her. The video is titled: “Computer GEEK SLEEPS WITH ACCOMPLICE! (KIM K LOOK ALIKE!) (MUST SEE ENDING!) (GF LOSES IT!!) 😱😲😱.” The girlfriend baited her man to cheat with a hot chick and guess what? The boyfriend took the bait. I assume the boyfriend is one of those Geek Squad employees who will come to your house to attempt to troubleshoot and fix electronics. The woman, who is the enticing bait, answers the door wearing only a robe so he can fix her “broken” laptop. She realizes that it isn’t appropriate to wear a towel with a stranger, so she changes to a more appropriate attire of a silk robe. The very welcoming woman offers the man some wine, but he declines because he has work ethics. However, when the woman offers the man to have sex with her, he accepts. Because apparently, fucking on the job isn’t unethical. As the jealous girlfriend is watching, the boyfriend can’t resist the woman and she leads him to her bedroom. If that wasn’t traumatic enough for the girlfriend, the tantalizing woman is still mic’d up so she can hear them engage in sexual acts. That poor girlfriend is going to be haunted by those slurping sounds for the rest of her life.