Floyd Mayweather Held His Own Personal Twerking Party, Rained Down So Much Cash You Couldn’t See The Floor


    In case you hadn’t figured it out by now, life is good when you are one Floyd Mayweather . Case in point, the photo above and this video below…


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    In fact, life is SO damn good for Floyd Mayweather that he is able to throw his own personal twerking parties. Floyd, I guess because it was a Tuesday and he didn’t have anything better to do, gathered up around 15 dancers for a twerkfest at a hotel in Los Angeles where so much money was raining down that you could barely even see the floor. I guess when you make seven figures a month doing nothing this is the kind of life you can lead. Must be nice, huh? Then again, maybe Floyd was just auditioning some dancers for the new Las Vegas strip club he plans on opening.

    I am just months away from opening up my very own strip club in Las Vegas, Nevada called @GirlCollection www.themoneyteam.com

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