Fitness Model Paige Hathaway Just Dropped A Topless ‘Arm Bra’ Photo That’s So Perfect It Should Be In A Museum


    Paige Hathaway has been featured here on CoreBoobs several times because she runs with a crew of chicks who are all ungodly hot, but until today I haven’t found time to devote a post strictly to her awe inspiring beauty. Paige Hathaway’s amassed an ENORMOUS following on Instagram with pictures of her life as a fitness model, and the picture she just dropped (below) is quite possibly the HOTTEST PHOTO OF 2016 . I would’ve put that in the headline but this is a matter of opinion, and while I know a lot of you bros will agree with me that this picture from Paige is the sexiest Instagram pic of 2016 I also recognize that there are a shit ton of you bros out there who are into different shapes and sizes. With that in mind, I’m curious how many of you agree that this is the hottest Instagram pic of 2016. Take a long, hard look before making up your mind. Also, below this photo are the sexiest recent photos from Paige Hathaway’s Instagram feed:

    Now for her sexiest recent photos:

    #MondayMotivation TAG SOMEONE YOU WANT TO MOTIVATE! – Do you find yourself “slowly sinking” just going through the motions and before you know it, You wake up one day neck deep in the quicksand of uncritical satisfaction with yourself and your achievements. Complacency and contentment begins to set in. Being happy, healthy, achieving goals, and keeping relationships alive don’t just happen. It takes planning, effort and sacrifice. After a couple years of complacency, comfort and selfishness, you’re going to wake up one day wondering: “What the heck just happened” – Dont let the words complacent or comfortable be in your vocabulary. You’re better than that. “Every man dies but Not every man really lives” Don’t waste a single moment. Fully seize every moment of your life. Always give your all and be the best you can possibly be. Drop what holds you back, dissolving the resistance to what you are and what you potential to be. Make the most out of your life. The purpose of life is to live and “Experience Your Breakthrough” Comfortable? Complacent? Not me. Not in this life. – Photographer – @Michaeloliveri Glam – @Naomimua BTS – @thecinematographer

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    Sundays are meant for Calvin’s Photo by @charliecouch

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    Don’t lift weights they said… It will make you manly they said…

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