Demi Lovato Posed In Her Bra And Panties And We Approve Of This Fashion Decision


Demi Lovato did a new cover shoot for Allure magazine this month. Since I assume most of you don’t read Allure magazine I thought you might not have seen these photos of Demi in her bra and panties for the photo shoot. I still don’t understand why for the most part there are more women either in their underwear or sometimes even naked in women’s magazines than there are in men’s magazines, but I guess I can just chalk that up to thing #43,129 that I don’t understand about how and what women think. That’s really all I’ve got. Here are the pics, which I think you will like. End of report.

@allure ???

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Let’s see what else Demi has been up to over on Instagram in the past month or so. Looking… Looking… Looking… Hmmm… well, there was this…

This girl @torikelly is SO TALENTED and SO sweet ??? You killed it Tori!! #WomenInMusic

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#WomenInMusic #CONFIDENT

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And, welp, that’s about there is to see. Maybe she just needs to do more photo shoots for magazines. What do you say, Demi? Do it for your fans, aka us.