Danica Patrick Is So Flexible Now She Can Damn Near Touch Her Toes To The Back Of Her Head


Let it flow naturally and just release. In yoga and life.

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  We haven’t heard nor seen much from our favorite yoga star, and uh, NASCAR driver, Danica Patrick lately. For awhile there she was posting one cool video and photo after another – mostly of her doing various handstands in yoga pants or a bikini . Yesterday, however, we were reminded that she’s most definitely still at it and damn, girl is making some serious progress in the flexibility department.

  She also pulled off this move the day before. Seriously impressive stuff.

Bend but don’t break.

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  No idea if any of this helps her drive a race car, but it’s pretty amazing regardless. Here’s a recent refresher on how Danica managed to almost reach this monumental achievement.

Ok day, lets go! Love my owl @wildmovementspnw pants! And my girls, who always want to play ON my mat! ?

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Liking yourself frees you from opinions, judgements, and regrets. #beyourself

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  Keep it going, Danica, we’re pulling for you!