Danica McKellar, AKA Winnie Cooper From ‘The Wonder Years,’ Still Has A BANGIN’ Bikini Body

Danica McKellar

Still sort of obsessed with this orange @shailkusa dress I wore to @dancingabc last night – springtime glamour!! #perfectcombo #DWTS #ootd

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Man, it’s been 23 years since Danica McKellar last appeared on The Wonder Years . I can’t believe that it’s been that long!

That’s pretty mind-blowing to those of us that remember her from that show and to those that have no freaking clue who she is, well, sucks for you. However, it doesn’t TOTALLY suck for you, because as you may have noticed in that headline up there, Danica McKellar, now 41-years-old, can still bring it strong in a bikini when she chooses to do so. Some of you probably only know her because she was on Dancing With The Stars or maybe because your kids have seen her on Project Mc2 . I guess she’s some kind of brainiac now. She’s written four books on math targeting adolescent readers and even had a paper published in the Journal of Physics . I have to say, no one that smart should be allowed to look as good as she does in a bikini. It’s just not fair… to anyone. I’ll still look though… and so will you.

I’m sooooo relaxed…! #Hawaii #vacation #favoritebikini #cabana #nuffsaid

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Let’s all remember to take a little time to enjoy this glorious summer!! #grateful #pool #relaxed #foramoment?

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Ahhh… #Hawaii? #relaxed #shadethatface #sunscreen #besafe

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Relaxing… #bikini #nofilter #thisis40 #20percentexercise80percentnutrition #pool #stillsummerincali #sun #nottoomuchsuntho

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Hey, remember that time she made out with Avril Lavigne ? Yeah, this’ll teach you to scroll all the way to bottom from now on.

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