Chrissy Teigen Just Had A Baby Three Weeks Ago And Already Looks Ridiculously Sexy


#nofilter ?

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Sometimes life isn’t fair. Some people were just born to look good and one of those people is obviously Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen . Now we obviously knew she was freaking gorgeous by the sheer number of times we have said so over the years, but damn, Chrissy, you just had a baby three weeks ago. Look at this leg show Teigen was putting on during a recent family gathering captured on photo by her mom Vilailuck. Girl is rocking some seriously short shorts.

Mommy ❤️ Daddy????

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That ain’t right. Not that I am complaining because it’s damn good to have her back in post-baby mode. We do love us some Chrissy here. And look at this pic her hubby John Legend shared the other day…


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Too good. By the way, here’s their little bundle of joy in case you hadn’t peeped her yet…

bath time is tooooo cute! my heart, it hurts.

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hi my lulu!

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Chrissy is going to be such a cool mom.