Brittany Daniel From ‘Joe Dirt’ Recently Turned 40, Still Has A Wicked Hot Bikini Body


Some of you might remember Brittany Daniel from back in the 1990s when for 88 episodes she played Jess Wakefield on the TV show Sweet Valley High . I don’t because I never watched that show, but I do remember the commercials. That was the beginning of my infatuation with her. Those who do remember her from that will know exactly what I mean. Then again, some of you that are even older might remember her from those chewing gum commercials she did as a kid with her twin sister Cynthia playing the Doublemint Twins. (Yes, she has a twin who also looks equally as sexy as you will see below. Go figure, right?) And for the rest of you, you either have no idea who she is, or you remember seeing her play Brandy in both Joe Dirt and Joe Dirt 2 . Oh sure, she was also in a bunch of other things over the years, but really, those are her three biggest claims to fame in my book. Anyway, back to the original point of all of this. Brittany Daniel, regardless of how you know her or not, turned 40 in March and girl is looking g-o-o-d in a bikini these days. Real good.