Bella Thorne Wore See-Through Shirt, Made Out With Hot Friend And A Banana

Bella Thorne Wore See-Through Shirt

ur on my mind ?? #throwback #tb

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How was your Monday night? What did you do? Did you work on a paper for your Ethics in Criminal Justice class? Maybe gulp some Old Milwaukee whilst watching old Archer shows on Netflix like the “Honeypot” episode and wondering how to say “The Hulk” in Spanish? Those are both fine evenings, but Bella Thorne probably had a better Monday night than you. Bella had a wild night out that included fellating a banana, making out with a chick, and showing off her nipple ring. The 19-year-old seemingly made oral love to a banana. The sensational actress also talked about being with her “bananas crew” in the Bahamas on Instagram.

SOON I SHALL BE WITH MY BANANAS CREW!!! Bahamas I’m coming for yah ?

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Beautiful Bella also danced and made out with her friend. It’s good to be a friend of Bella Thorne. Making out wasn’t enough for Bella and Lo, here is the couple on top of each other and I can confirm that her friend also has a nipple ring. The former Disney star flashed her goodies (Which seems to be all the rage amongst Disney stars these days ) thanks to her see-thru shirt. You can see the somewhat NSFW pics and videos of Bella’s crazy Monday night out HERE . She also hung out with RiFF RAFF. So yeah, Bella Thorne had a great Monday night.

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