Bella Thorne Talks About Farting In Her Bathing Suit And I Think I Love Her Even More



Bella Thorne Talks About Farting In Her Bathing Suit And I Think I Love Her Even More

Beautiful Bella Thorne shared some important information on her Instagram. She posted this delightful photo of her in a bathing suit with the caption, “I wonder how many times I farted in that bathing suit that day…I really have a farting problem so…I’m guessing quite a few… #nothacked”

So not only is Bella gorgeous, but she talks about her freshly baked air biscuits. WHAT A CATCH! I knew Bella Thorne loved busting ass. In fact, I talked about the scintillating actress/model farting all the way back in February, to which she responded with laughter. Takes one to know one. This is an extremely rare combination, most women attest that they never pass gas. But the bubbling Bella is proud of her butt burps. I’d love to have a competition with Bella to see who could cropdust best and cause the other person to gag from the noxious chemical warfare. Here’s Bella wearing shorts that appear to have been shredded.

Now imagine the breathtakingly beautiful Bella wore those shorts above after having a hearty Chipotle burrito with extra pinto AND black beans? I surmise that it would look something like this. via GIPHY Here is the original color of the pants.

I put a fake sun glare in to brighten up my day with this gloomy weather:)??? top by @fashionnova

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But Bella’s flatulence turned them brown.

Wrapped #yougetme yesterday ..sad very sad..but on to the next one????

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That cat had better scamper away before Bella puts it under the blanket and Dutch ovens the poor kitty.

She’s not even jumping, Bella is being propelled by her impressive ass blasts.

That couch is getting wrecked.

Hello my friend I’m going to eat you now ? #iliketoeat

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This may explain why the 18-year-old former Disney star got a colonoscopy. Hit me up Bella, we can Netflix and smell each others farts.