Ariel Winter Continues To Win At Life, Rocking Yet Another Scintillating, Sexy, Revealing Outfit

Ariel Winter Continues To Win At Life

❤️ @jeffgreenbergcd tonight was an honor presenting to you- you deserve all the praise and more. Love you ❤️

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Ariel Winter might be my favorite actress in the world at this point. Jennifer Lawrence used to be my fave, but she has gotten kind of stale. Meanwhile, Winter has been out there kicking ass and taking names. She does what she wants, she wears what she wants, she says what she wants, she flips all the bullies online shit like it’s no big thing (heck, she just did it yesterday ) and all the while gives absolutely zero fucks. This is a person I can get behind. Girl is just a badass. Mix that with the fact that she’s also easy on the eyes and what’s not to like here? Answer: nothing.

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