Apparently The ‘Ab Crack’ Is A New Trend With Models On Instagram — Some People Hate It, I Think It’s Sexy AF

Apparently The ‘Ab Crack’ Is A New Trend With Models On Instagram — Some People Hate It

Apparently The ‘Ab Crack’ Is A New Trend With Models On Instagram — Some People Hate It, I Think It’s Sexy AF

So I’ll level with you bros, when I first started researching this ‘ab crack’ trend I thought it was a bunch of malarkey that the media was drumming up because people always need something to bitch about, but it turns out that the #AbCrack is a very real thing, and it’s quite polarizing. Let me start by saying that you all know what the ‘ab crack’ is and you see it regularly on the fittest bodies on the planet, like this photo from Emily Ratajkowski :

Weekend ready wearing my new fav ? @amoreandsorvete

A photo posted by Emily Ratajkowski (@emrata) on

And here from Jourdan Dunn:

It’s that vertical line that runs down a woman’s stomach, splitting her abs from right to left, and it’s apparently the new ‘thigh gap’ and/or whatever that fucking trend was about puppy lips that one of those Jenner children started. A quick perusal of the #AbCrack tag on Instagram shows that this hasn’t really jumped from Twitter to Instagram yet (I’ll mention a lot more about Twitter in just a moment). Here’s what we’re seeing so far on Insta:

? #hkmx

A photo posted by IFBB Figure girl (@shannendelilahfit) on

Somehow people have managed to create an uproar over the #AbCrack trend, demonizing it, claiming that only ‘dangerously underweight and unhealthy’ people have the Ab Crack. Now, I don’t know what those girls above are eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and the snacks in between), but I can say with 100% certainty that NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THOSE GIRLS YOU SEE ABOVE looks ‘dangerously unhealthy’. Here’s what’s happening over on Twitter: So from what I’ve gathered by reading the tweets above these people are angry because they think ab crack is either 1) extremely unhealthy 2) setting an impossible beauty standard or 3) all of the above. Even mainstream media outlets are REALLY PISSED that this ‘ab crack’ trend exists. I guess I’m not sure why anyone on God’s Green Earth thinks that living up to the ‘unrealistic beauty standard’ set by a supermodel, Emily Ratajkowski, is actually an attainable goal. Half the reason she looks so fucking hot is so that the rest of us normal human beings don’t’ have to, we can all sleep sound at night knowing the perfect standard already exists and it’s not our responsibility to set it. Still though, the angry HOT TAKES on #AbCrack keep rolling in on Twitter. I’d start tweeting at these people but I’m not sure I see any purpose in involving myself in a beauty trend that only exists amongst full-time models. If you’re inclined to do some trolling though by all means follow that link above and head on over to Twitter to witness firsthand the #AbCrack war that’s unfolding. Changing gears a little bit, I want to make sure that ALL OF YOU know about the all new CoreBoobs iOS app that was launched last week. It’s 100% free to download and it’s the latest/greatest way to get all of your CoreBoobs content, so DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE BY CLICKING HERE! (h/t MetroUK )

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