Another HOT Gamer Girl ‘Accidentally’ Flashed Viewers During A Live Twitch Broadcast



Another HOT Gamer Girl ‘Accidentally’ Flashed Viewers During A Live Twitch Broadcast

Remember how a few weeks ago a sexy gamer girl named LegendaryLea, aka Lea May, got in hot water for accidentally flashing her vajayjay to all of her Twitch viewers? Yeah, well, it happened again, only this time it was another hot gamer girl who goes by the name Kaitwan13. And instead of doing it on her own Twitch live stream she did on a friend of hers so now he could be banned for 30 days just like Lea was. Here’s the girl in question… Pretty gorgeous woman, no? The person who posted the video on YouTube (censored, sadly) had this report from the owner of the Twitch channel that she flashed the viewers on, Genietfan…

Here is his take on the situation: She is drunk, and she wants to “skype” and im like no we are live, hello? she is like ok then put me up on your stream. And i was like ye sure why not, i know my viewers love girls the 240 viewers that already was there im talking about, i knew they wanted to see her, so i made a thing out of it, and then we kept playing, then my boys wake up, and i brought them in, and they wanted to play and join the skype call, so there we are 5 guys playing h1z1, and she is sitting on the call with us, and then suddenly 3hrs later she undresses herself, and apparently her breasts are all over.

For what it’s worth, Kaitwan13 has since apologized for her behavior… Apparently that wasn’t good enough, because according to Unilad , Genietfan has reportedly accepted her apology, but doesn’t want to be friends anymore. Makes sense, why would you want to be friends with a SMOKING HOT gamer girl who flashes her boobs, right? Oh yeah, they also have the uncensored version of the video over at Unilad . Be sure to come back here when you’re done watching it 10 or 11 times.