Alexandra Daddario In Sexy Bikini Bottoms Is The Only Reason We Need To Go See ‘Baywatch’


  Alexandra Daddario is hands-down one of my all time favorite actresses. I first saw her in one of those Percy Jackson movies and was captivated by how amazingly blue her eyes were. After seeing her in that film I often wondered to myself, “Myself, I wonder if Alexandra Daddario will ever become the really big star that I want her to be?” Then True Detective season one aired on HBO and well, none of that mattered anymore. If you don’t know the reason why then I truly feel bad for you because dear God, man, she was involved in one of the greatest scenes in television history. Seriously, go Google it if you are somehow actually in the dark here. I’ll wait. Okay, everyone back now? (That was amazing, wasn’t it?) So, as I was saying in the headline, Alexandra Daddario is in the upcoming Baywatch movie and if these shots from the set of the film are any indication it’s going to be a goddamn blockbuster. Can we just go ahead and purchase our tickets now?