3 Men Pick Up Prostitute, Pay Her $100 And Conduct Insightful Interview Into World Of Sex Workers

3 Men Pick Up Prostitute

Three men picked up a prostitute in Sacramento, California, not for a gangbang, but to understand the life of a sex worker. The three interviewers, who are part of a YouTube channel called “ the minorities ,” paid the woman $100 for her time so that they can ask inquisitive questions that one would want to know about sex workers. The interview gets off to a promising start, by the prostitute announcing, “I have a taser and I have some mace.” Then the interview begins with the obvious question, “What’s the biggest dick you’ve ever fucked with?” She responds with a finger gesture that appears to be four or five inches. She does say that some guys have really small dicks, which she has dubbed “The White Boy Dick.” Disparaging stereotypes are not appreciated miss. She states that a good amount of men have such smalls penises that it’s “basically by my booty cheek.” The sex worker divulges that the most requested service is blowjobs. Oral sex prices start at $40, but this professional has a “good mouth piece” so she can charge as much as $100. Quite the little Gordon Gekko she is. She charges $80-100 for “full service,” which of course means, err I mean, I’m told means a blowjob and sex. She states that “safe sex is the best sex,” and doesn’t have bareback sex. She brings her own condoms and never lets the customer put the prophylactic on. Her schedule starts at 11 a.m., eats breakfast, does her makeup and is out on the street at around 12:30 p.m. for her 12-hour shift. She reveals that she makes about $400-600 a day, and can service as many as eight men per day. When asked what was the weirdest request she responded by saying, “Suck his dick, and lick his balls, and lick his ass. He said he had $80, and would give me an extra $20 if I did it better than his wife.” However, this prostitute has some self-respect, she had him pull over in a Walmart parking lot, pulled down his pants, put on the condom, and then ran away without rendering any freaky deaky services. When asked how many people she thinks she had sex with she responded by saying, “I don’t even know.” The sex worker said that she has a guy who pays for her to do porn with him. She explains how she got into the world’s oldest profession:

“One day I was in Stockton, and I was just walking down the street, and a dude kept following me and he asked, ‘Do you need a ride?’ He then asks, ‘Are you working?’ I was like, ‘What do you mean?’ He was like, ‘I pay for pussy.’ I was like, ‘How much?’ He was like, ‘I only got a $100.’ I was like, ‘Well then okay.’ So he took me and we got this room, I was nervous. Long story short, he gave me $100, we do the date. And ever since then I’ve been like, ‘Wow he just gave me $100 to fuck.”

The sex worker tells the secret relationship between local prostitutes and certain police officers. There are only two female officers that harass the prostitutes. Meanwhile, one cop dates prostitutes and informs the women of the night when there is going to be a sting. The prostitute says that the cops are more concerned with the pimps and the murders going on. The sex worker says she had a 3.8 GPA in high school and plans to go back to college, pimping herself is only a “temporary thing to get back on her feet.” When asked if her family knows what she does for a living, the woman explains that her mom “thinks she knows, but she doesn’t.” She then tells the story of how she accidentally told her mom she was a prostitute. Her mom texted her “What’s up babe?” She didn’t realize it was her mom and she responded by texting, “What can I do for you?” and “Company for $100.” Her mom actually does know she is a prostitute because when the girl was arrested her mom looked up the charges and saw her daughter was locked up for prostitution. Her mother was a prostitute and her father was a pimp, who is now in jail for murder. In the future, her dream is to talk to girls in foster homes, juvenile home and drug rehab to console and counsel young women.

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